I'll See Myself Out

by Miyazaki!

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Recorded & engineered by Nathanael Cardwell at Debasement Studios
Additional vocals recorded by Mitchell Pasmans
Mixed by Mitchell Pasmans at Maison Pasmans
Mastered by Paul Fox at Indie Masters
Artwork by Joe Ling


released April 15, 2016

Miyazaki! is:
Seymoup - Guitar
Sommerfeld - Bass
Pasmans - Drums

Thanks to Whisk & Key Records for putting this thing out.



all rights reserved


Miyazaki! Melbourne, Australia

Miyazaki! has a history way too long and complicated for a stupid punk band. We like to write good songs, play them and then finish up by talking about Star Wars until everyone loses interest. Excellent.

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Track Name: Weekdays
Now I'm only writing on the weekends
Because this 9 to 5 is slowly killing me
And I can't help I sometimes feel defeated
When this workplace competition's got me beat

Why does the floor keep piling up with clothes?
When I wear the same thing everywhere I go
And I'm swimming in empty cans
They haven't given me the energy to stand
Up like a man

As I lay sleeping
I dream of leaping out the window
And shaking off my skin
And though these weekdays may defeat me
They'll keep the walls from closing in

Son, you should have learned to kick a football
Son, you should have never learned guitar
You've really fucked yourself
And who's going to want you now?

I walk alone
I see the people on the last train home
I just hope they know
Where they're going
And the only cars around are taxicabs and cops
I hope that they don't stop
And make me take my headphones off
Track Name: Tecate Nights
If I ever finish university
I might teach her son when he starts school
And she'll see I've finally got my life together
Like we never thought I could
While she's out there making something of herself
I'm still working in fast food
If I keep making these 18 bucks an hour
I don't mind being abused

I won't let it get, I won't let it get
I won't let it get under my skin
That it's not safe outside my shell
I won't let it get, I won't let it get
I won't let it get under my skin
I'm the only one home inside myself

Three years on
I still see her on my way to work
She's still working that same job
And I wonder if she's still at school
Or just trying to pay it off

So throw me off the building
If you can lift me
I'm not as skinny as I used to be
And when she kissed me
Felt like she skinned me
I never could contain what lies beneath
Track Name: Yellowglen
I'd watch the sunrise
If I could get up off this goddamn pillow
So I'm not always late
I should head outside
To streets I see beyond my window
And try to lose some weight
It's 2AM, I'm wide awake
Already trying to think of all the ways
That I can waste the day

This year keeps running farther
Walk streets like corridors
If I was more like my father
I'd work harder at my job

I won't park in
The garage below the supermarket
Where my youth still stains the walls
We used to spend our weekdays
Just drinking cheap champagne
'Cause it's what we could afford
I won't show my face again
Down at Ringwood Station
Since I locked myself away
My bedroom's a replacement

And I don't know where the days have gone
Or why the nights won't leave me alone
Feeling homeless while sitting safe at home
Fearing the unknown
Track Name: Dick Casablancas
Somewhere far away I guess it's snowing
'Cause I'm three sheets to the wind when it's blowing
My mouth is foam and I would play on through the pain
But here the game's been called because of the rain

Somewhere far away, well, there may be
A cemetery where I may finally go to sleep
I hope they bury me like ancient royalty
So I won't have to want for nothing when I leave

I'll drift away, drift away over the ocean
Land somewhere far across the sea
I'll drift away, drift away, my body's so thin
It can't resist the gentle summer breeze

So close the door please, Chelsea
Before the wind gets in and takes this memory
I'm losing hold of something that never was
But it could have been...

Somewhere far away I guess it's snowing
'Cause I'm three sheets to the wind when it's blowing
I'll guzzle energy drinks 'til my heart explodes
And the blood soaks me from head to toe
But if I'm driving when this all unfolds
And I swerve straight off the road
Don't tie a ribbon 'round the tree that ended me
Track Name: Something About The Seasons
Sitting watching from the windows
Where I can't see a thing but my backyard
And I can hear the voices call
Over the fence and through the walls
To the people I don't know
But I've heard them all before
And I feel like I could recognise them all

I lied about how much I was drinking
Just to see if you'd come 'round
But you never did
And I'm not mad but I just wish
I'd been a little bit harder to figure out
'Cause I sure could use some company right now

I know happiness won't travel through the phone
That ringing drives me up the wall
I hope Autumn leaves me alone
I'm not ready for the fall

I'll go outside and clean the windows
Watch the leaves all wither up and die
And I crave life like I crave cigarettes
Not quite enough to want to try it
But I won't pass judgement when I see you buy them

I get caught in awkward conversations
When they catch me wearing these godforsaken football socks
And I don't have the heart to tell them
I don't follow the squad
Hell, I don't even know what I've got on
It's just tonight was dreadfully cold
I hope I don't lose my job