Veronica Says

by Miyazaki!

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This was written and recorded before Miyazaki! was even actually a band. I gave Mayo & Beale some money; they recorded the songs and filled them out with bass and drums. It wasn't shit.


released January 1, 1967

Luke Seymoup - Guitar, Vocals
Stevie Mayo - Bass
Aaron Beale - Drums



all rights reserved


Miyazaki! Melbourne, Australia

Miyazaki! has a history way too long and complicated for a stupid punk band. We like to write good songs, play them and then finish up by talking about Star Wars until everyone loses interest. Excellent.

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Track Name: Veronica Says
Veronica says they've got me figured out
And they know everything that I'm about
My issues and disgraces
My filthy imagination
But if you were me would you act like me?

Veronica says we've lost it all
Because the world is moving on but I'm not moving on and on and on
So put me in my place and
We'll paint on smiling faces
If you were me would you act like me?

If you were me would you act like me?

Don't tell me when it's enough
I just couldn't give a fuck
Make me feel like there's something worth living for
Track Name: Factories
First off all, I don't care at all
You were just another face
You were just another phase for me
Now can't you see?
When your daddy went away
He wasn't coming back, no, not today

And you'll see
Darling, life's a big machine
And we'll be
Like the walls in factories

You're dressed like all the rest
Your Sunday best, your uniform
They'll march you in and out the door
Forever more
If your conscience isn't right
I hope you get to sleep tonight, tonight

They'll clean off your dirty clothes
And patch you up and send you home
Pack your pockets, shine your shoes
Consume or be consumed
Track Name: No More Mr. Nice-Guy
You will always be a snapshot
Of my current state of mind
It's just a decorative wallflower
That's given up and died

Dear captain, don't you worry
I'll be just fine
You'll be the one drowning with the ship tonight

I'll close my eyes and wait for sleep
But me and God know that won't happen
It always rains at the cemetery
Where I buried my compassion

Dry your eyes and say goodbye to Mr. Nice-Guy
Track Name: About Politics
It makes me sick to my stomach
When I hear the words that you're trying to deal
You're making me feel like becoming a hermit
These past three days I've been drunk as a vagrant
I just can't take all the constant reminders
I'm not pure enough to live like a king
But I don't know a thing about politics

I'll protest the protest
If it gets you out of my hair
And I couldn't care in even the slightest
I spent last night just drinking myself into oblivion
They called me a jester but I've been getting by
For most of my life
And it's not my time

I don't want anything more
Than a reason to keep sleeping on your bedroom floor

I want my funeral to be a musical
And all of my friends will sing along
I want my funeral to be a musical
And my enemies were right all along