Man Vs. Bike

by Miyazaki!

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released July 3, 1993

Luke Seymoup - Guitar/Vocals
Stevie Mayo - Bass
Jack Shiels - Drums



all rights reserved


Miyazaki! Melbourne, Australia

Miyazaki! has a history way too long and complicated for a stupid punk band. We like to write good songs, play them and then finish up by talking about Star Wars until everyone loses interest. Excellent.

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Track Name: Drowning In The Street
If I was rich enough, I'd waste my cash on booze and cigarettes
So I could look as good as the people that I've seen
In the pages of the magazines
My friends all like to read

There's a hole in my head where my brain's supposed to be
It's as deep and wide as Port Phillip Bay
And all the things that I wanted to say
Are lost beneath the sea, the deep blue...

I'm not saving this for my mid-life crisis
I know it's better now
And all the preacher's in the world
Couldn't save me now

And on the streets of the town that I know all too well
I'm sure that I might drown all alone
And I have dreams of Ringwood Lake that I'll take down to my grave
Dear sweet alcohol, I know you'd never do me wrong
Track Name: The Fountain of Youth
I wish I had something worthwhile to say but I don't
Feels like I washed my hands in the fountain of youth
But the rest of me is aging, still aging
I'm getting older but less complicated

I'm not alone when I sit by the telephone

And I don't want to leave my floor today so I won't
I went and drowned myself in the fountain of youth
For the love of god I'm changing, still changing
I'm draining like a sieve, I'm filling like an ashtray

I'm not alone when I sit by the telephone
And I'm not alone when I talk to my telephone

I don't want any more than to stay in bed all of the time
And, Josie, I don't write much anymore but it's fine
Track Name: Mother Fuckers
To my oldest of friends, I know it's been a while
Since our correspondence ran dry
But these days I'm so much better than I used to be now

Life's hard when that silver spoon breaks off between your teeth
Well, I woke up on a fold-out bed in Box Hill South
With my head on the chest of a girl I was once in love with
But I'm not anymore, I hope I'm not anymore

To my oldest of friends, I know it's been a while
Since our correspondence ran dry
But these days I'm so much better than I used to be
We were the kids that no one likes
That grew into people no one can stand
Now I've reached the point in my life where I have to keep on moving forward

And I hope that the train lines can carry me away
'Cause change will have to substitute for a holiday
We've reached a point where we're too old to keep watching school girls with hungry eyes
And if wishes were horses, beggars would ride
Track Name: Welcome Home
When I was a boy
The told me that it's better if you make it on your own
And out of place when I get home
They'll all say my, my haven't you grown
The way its changed and stayed the same
Is more than I can really say

Throw back your shots and welcome me home
Darling, my, my haven't you grown
And you and I won't spend another night alone
My, my haven't you grown

I don't believe in sense
It's just created by the mind
And we are all advocates
Of waking up with no memory of last night
And yesterday, I heard them say
If god's not drunk we'll be okay

Veronica, I'm coming home so maybe now you'll see
That the best part of you was always me